Handwritten Letter Writing

Writers go to bed writing. They enter the bed writing. I go to bed with a pen and paper. I use a solid wooden book to keep the paper straight. Writers wake up writing. I write as my little girl plays while watching hand puppets sing and play on television. Writers set the example to their children. We write. The children see us write. They learn to write. Writers use different parts of our brain. Every day I write a single letter to my son and daughter. Every day I travel to the post office, place a stamp on a white envelope, and put the letter in the mail. Letter writing is a lost art. Writers write with their heart. Writing by hand has a telepathy involved in the communication. Writing by hand uses a different part of your brain than writing with a typewriter, keyboard, or laptop computer. Enjoy writing. I hope I can help you write some day.
Thomas Chee

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