Restaurant Reviews

My son and I did so many restaurant reviews that we walked into a restaurant on a late Friday night and the Chef came out of the kitchen to sit with us after asking, “How is the soup?” The Chef was dressed like a Chef with an apron, white with the color of ingredient spread across the linen. We were trying the soup with large table spoons, but waiting for the soup to cool down. The noodles stayed hot for a long time in the boiling broth. The Chef asked to sit with us, which we were happy to do, share the table, but at the same time we were surprised at the interest this stranger took in us by sitting so closely with us at the table. We like to share. We enjoy sharing our time. The Chef asked my boy specific questions, “What do you think of the restaurant? How do you like the soup? Did you like the menu?” As we smiled, the Chef admitted, “I have seen you on Facebook. I am the Owner.” The Chef, who also owned the restaurant, insisted, “I have seen you. I have read your reviews online. You go to restaurants and review them. They are very good.” My boy is recognized. People in restaurants see his reviews. Recently my girlfriend was looking for the phone number of a pizza restaurant. She searched online under pizza. As soon as she did, she recognized my boy. My son was in a photograph on the front of the reviews for the restaurant serving pizza. We were having fun. We were bonding. We were going out, eating, but we didn’t know that we would make such an impact on the restaurant community.

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