Santa Rosa Storyteller, Books, Family Portfolios

September 12, 2013 link
Thomas Chee
I continued to collect stories from seniors retiring in Santa Rosa, California; Stories about wars in Europe. Stories about the changes in Santa Rosa. Then I did some web research and found Santa Rosa websites for the books I was writing for them. My mother meets people around the city when she goes out for lunch. She meets people on the bus to San Francisco. Everytime she meets people, they tell her stories. Strangers sit next to my mother and tell her chapters worthy of books. One day, my mother and I ate at a restaurant. The place had beome famous on TV with reviews. So with the restaurant full, we shared a table with a woman. She began telling my mother stories about Calistoga, being born in Sonoma County, and the stranger went into detail about how much Santa Rosa has changed since she was raised in Calistoga. I wanted to write a novel as I was listening to her tales. Her adventures were outstanding – Brilliant. The woman told my mother about her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I began writing books and recording interviews with Santa Rosa storytellers surrounding the town. Parents that write teach their children how to write. Cherish the time to write history.

Santa Rosa Sonoma Senior Storyteller by Thomas Chee

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