Chinese Handmade Won Ton Dumpling Soup in Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa Handmade Won Ton Dumpling Soup

Kirin Chinese Restaurant In Sonoma County Wine Country
Santa Rosa, California

The most brilliant soups are In Sonoma County, especially Asian cuisine soups at Kirin Restaurant in Bennett Valley. If you enjoy eating spinach, broccoli and green vegetables for your family, this restaurant makes vegetables taste incredible with their broth, handmade won ton skins, and fillings. Each dish, each spoonful, every bite, you want more. You want to eat more with every bite. Then you find yourself at home wishing for Kirin and coming back for more soup, spinach, sauce, and steak, squid, seafood scallops. Delicious, breathtaking restaurant. We end many of our busy days at Kirin to relax to the Chinese dining experience only Kirin offers in Sonoma County. Forget fast food. Ignore express Asian cuisine. Stop at Kirin. Dine with your family where each dish is prepared with fresh vegetables, spinach, wrapped dumplings, sautéed.
Thomas Chee

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