Santa Rosa’s New Restaurant Fourth Street Social Club, CA

Santa Rosa’s Fourth Street Social Club
Fourth Street Social Club In Sonoma County Wine Country, California

Fourth Street Social Club
Santa Rosa, California’s New Restaurant
643 Fourth Street
Santa Rosa, California
September 12, 2021; Sunday
This astonishing achievement of vintage art, class, and culture combined with literature on an avenue known for selling great literature in downtown near the Old Courthouse makes the bistro bar Fourth Street Social Club the most sophisticated restaurant In Sonoma County Wine Country. No one will find a more enlightening engagement of the arts than what Santa Rosa now offers downtown with a combination of the luncheon tea experience of Fourth Street Social Club next to Treehorn Books, Barnes and Nobles, and Sonoma’s central library on the corner. Delicious asparagus, duck, homemade relishes with mole sauces, herbs, and oils highlighting every bite. Dreamers don’t have to journey to Europe, Britain, or San Francisco anymore to eat fine dining. Shop for your rare, autographed, classic books at Treehorn Bookstore; John Steinbeck, Bukowski, Oscar Wilde, then dine, sit, relax to the luxury inside Fourth Street Social Club. Readers don’t have to browse paper pages at Starbucks anymore. You can feel comfortable reading at Fourth Street Social Club while dining on fine cuisine. The Chef’s imagination goes hand in hand with the background of the dishes presented in an unreal experience that reminds Lewis Carroll fans of Alice in Wonderland. The book art on walls near the back kitchen door took time, care, craft. Just like the food layered with presentation. Each fabric, each napkin, the colors enrich the tables with perfect finesse. The food is all that and more. My son thought each bite was amazing and he read while the dishes were being prepared, which is new in Sonoma County. Santa Rosa is not known for restaurants available with books. Paris, Barcelona, Venice, these cities in France, Spain, and Italy have readers dining with classic literature on the wall, decorating the restaurant shelves. Fourth Street Social Club is an experience. A rare experience that Santa Rosa will embrace as visitors return, flock back to Sonoma wineries, so that experience, and re-experience what Downtown Santa Rosa has to offer when the light is shed upon Fourth Street Social Club, the bookstores, and fashionable boutiques. Rock stars, celebrity actors from Hollywood to Manhattan, and leaders in government will want to stop and enjoy the dinners and lunch specials at these extraordinary restaurant experience – Fourth Street Social Club. Thomas Chee

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