Chase Leo’s Las Vegas and Dune, Book 2013

Las Vegas and Dune by Chase Leo

Las Vegas and Dune by Frank Herbert: LasVegasPortfolio.Com

July 4, 2013, I forgot than in 2013, I published a book that I had written about Frank Herbert’s Dune with my son’s name as a pen name, Chase Leo.
Thomas Chee

Description of the book,
Las Vegas and Dune
Author Chase Leo

In Las Vegas, Nevada, there are megastructures with characters like Gurney Halleck inside. Greedy political deals taking place with Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Joking around, the reader might wonder how a Twisted Mentat increasing his mental capacities with sapho juice might deal with the cards at a game of high risk poker? The Spacing Guild would meet in a palace inside Las Vegas. The Spacing Guilds Navigators would land in ships along shipping bays in the Area 51. Where would you want to be pampered if you were the Padishah Emperor? Where in the United States would the Zensunni warriors be found wandering? There are cave settlements in abandoned mines all over Nevada’s landscape. Hiking in Red Rock on the west side of Las Vegas in a still suit to absorb water, the wander will still feel the desire for water.

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