Petru Micleu, ChaseLeo, Frank Herbert’s Dune

Dune with ChaseLeo

Petru Micleu, Born in Romania on October 11, 1859
Happy Birthday
My son finished his first large epic novel, Frank Herbert’s Dune, tonight at the Starbucks at Sonoma State University. I am so excited and proud of him. He takes the test in a few days. As we worked together on his homework and studied tonight, I was researching our own history while writing with him and realized from going back into the chronology with dates that today is my Great Grandfather’s birthday. My son’s Great Great Grandfather, Petru Micleu or Peter in English.
He brought my family, grandfather to America.
Romania to the United States
October 11, 1859, Born
This is an exciting day for us.
Time now to start the philosophy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
Thomas Chee

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