Mendocino Avenue Bus Stop, Santa Rosa, California

Santa Rosa Bus Stop

Old Santa Rosa Mendocino Avenue Bus Stop to San Francisco. Now Santa Rosa City Officials have taken the street out and turned the square into a gorgeous community center for ice skating, Christmas trees, Farmer’s Market, Native American Indian Drum Circles, peaceful gatherings, and the surrounding restaurants, bookstores, and boutiques are warm with an invitation to the world to enjoy the Sonoma County Wine Country when visiting California. I sat at that bus stop when I was at Herbert Slater Junior High for hours waiting to escape to Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco where the bus dropped me off at a 24 hour donut stand between Geary and O’Farrell Street. Sometimes I was lucky to have a 35 cent Spider-Man comic or Little Archie. MAD Magazine was also a must read for the two hour bus ride through Cotati, Petaluma, San Rafael. I had to escape before I had an ID to drive. The bus drivers were friendly, nice, I sat up front in the first row with the drivers where they taught me a lot about the characters that they knew who road with us and got onboard. The views were the best up front. I stopped taking the bus when I got my license and started driving because then I could sleep in the car near the Fisherman’s Wharf Crab Pier at the bottom of Van Ness Avenue that met the San Francisco Bay. Walk around San Francisco’s Chinatown and Broadway all night, leave Montgomery HS on Friday afternoon, wash up at Sambo’s Restaurant by the pier Saturday morning, go to the boiling crab stoves to eat, buy Welch’s grape juice bottles, sourdough bread rolls, walk to Chinatown for dim sum, shrimp, fried rice, find a donut, muffin, chocolate milk, then drive back at the late hour ten o’clock p.m. to wash clothes and shower in Santa Rosa before returning to high school on Monday morning. Santa Rosa is now one of the top ten cities to live in the United States of America. Records show that the town keeps improving on the nation’s statistics charting standard of living, well being, weather, education, and the community of Santa Rosa deserves praise for keeping this city pristine. The Santa Rosa Junior College is the best JC in the nation. Special thanks to the community in Santa Rosa. Continue keeping our neighborhoods safe so we can walk and dine in the evening.
Thomas Chee

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