UA 6 Midnight Movies Santa Rosa, Sonoma County Wine Country

Santa Rosa Midnight Movies

Rocky Horror Picture Show at Santa Rosa Midnight Movies at UA Cinema 6 in Sonoma County Wine Country, California
The epicenter of Santa Rosa youth and teenage right of passage with break dancing on department store refrigerator cardboard boxes flattened for shuffles, moves, turns. Lots of laughs, high heels, leather jackets, steel toe boots, smoke, fist fights, then the Rocky Horror Picture Show provided entertainment with toast, crowd participation, dancing the Time Warp with the Doctor. First time I saw a Kung Fu movie with Jackie Chan or animation with Heavy Metal. American Werewolf won the first Academy Award for Best Special Effects. I am sure many children were born nine months after their parents participated in the Midnight Movies located in Santa Rosa’s Downtown. The escape was all teenagers had in Sonoma on weekends. We walked home to near Spring Lake after the films got out Sunday morning at 2:30 am. Fog, cold, freezing, with mind blowing experiences of martial arts, bizarre costumes, animated lovers, killer wolf men. No bagels or water bottles. No parents or permission. Rogue, renegade children trying to create adventure when bored with Rambo and D & D board games playing with imaginary monks, dragons, kings, leaders with chronicles known as Dungeon Masters. Occasionally we played Monopoly or Chess. But Midnight Movies turned the page.
Experience Gained.
Innocence Lost.
Midnight in small town Santa Rosa.
Thomas Chee
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jackie Chan Big Brawl
American Werewolf in London
Shock Treatment
Heavy Metal Animated Movie
Kung Fu Movies

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