2020 Rebel Discovers Her Shadow

Rebel Discovers Her Shadow 2020
2020 April : Rebel Discovers Her Shadow

Rebel discovered her shadow. She studied the light. She asked the shape questions with her baby voice, “Where did you come from? What are you? Are you hot or cold? Are you going to stay for dinner? May I touch you?” I sat down on the hard wood floor with her and talked to her about her new scientific discovery. She was cautious as she touched the shape the way a child pets a puppy without trying to disturb it while feeling the fur. She discovered her shadow because she is looking for something new and never saw the shape before in this house. The light only appeared at this certain time in the day. Peter Pan lost his shadow. The shape ran away. That is how Peter met Wendy. Wendy sewed the shadow on to Peter Pan so that the shadow would never leave him. Wendy saved him. Love followed what was formerly a dark shadow. I remembered all the Disney stories my mother read to me about Peter Pan, Neverland, Pirates, Indians, Lost Boys dressed as wild animals. Rebel discovered her shadow today and I got to rediscover a childhood memory that only a child could rekindle. I am glad I get to spend this time with Rebel instead of her learning what a shadow is from TV. #rebellover #shadow #story #thomaschee #chaseleo #lasvegas #discover

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