Missouri Capitol City Productions Sponge Bob

Missouri Capitol City Productions

“Sponge Bob the Musical”
Missouri’s Capitol City Productions in Jefferson City
Thomas Chee
Missouri Must See Production – See This Show
The Capitol City Productions was outstanding with a feel to the professional stage at the same level as Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan and the ACT Theatre on Geary Boulevard in San Francisco, California. New York City could act no finer in a performance like the drama acted in Sponge Bob the Musical. The background, stage, lighting, makeup, costume, performance reminded me of Cats and Rent on Broadway, Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis in San Francisco’s ACT. These teams of actors and actresses must go to Hollywood to audition for roles, especially casting that combine voice with singing. Bravo, your showcasing of experiences were spectacular. Thank you for bringing such fine art to the stage in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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