Comedy in California came easy to me, because of my job as a public speaker in Las Vegas. Visitors are given more comedians in a shorter area in Nevada. Las Vegas has the world’s top comedy clubs across the street from each other. Casinos, resorts, the venues depend on great shows. Resorts are across the street from each other on the Strip. Casinos are next door to each other. Comedians want to come to Las Vegas. I started inviting performers to stay at my house when they drove from Los Angeles. In Las Vegas, comedy shows are seven days a week. In Las Vegas, demand for comedians is high, but again, you can walk across the street to get from one nightclub to the next. Los Angeles demands drivers get into traffic. Not in Las Vegas. In Hollywood, you drive in Los Angeles traffic to get from one nightclub to the next venue. I live near Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas Boulevard. In the center, I can walk to Planet Hollywood, Aria, Flamingo, Crowwell, even the Hard Rock is a twenty minute walk from my house.

Plus I began to write for comedians. I am a writer. Many comedians take notes. But I have publishing experience, books, websites, blogs, and I write material fit for publishing. The comedians didn’t have published books.

Calls for performing, being a performer, using creativity, wit, and being quick. This is all happening in the backdrop of Las Vegas, Entertainment Capital of the World. I began to write comedy, help comedians write their jokes, help performers promote themselves, and I began to perform in Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Sonoma Wine Country with the comedians that I was writing with.

At my current business, where I work during the week, Monday thru Friday, I am in charge of Community Affairs and Public Relations. Six years ago in my Internet company, I began as the Director of Marketing and was promoted twice to Director of Business Development and second to Director of Government Affairs. I have always been a public speaker. Standing up on stage came easy to me.