Government, Oil, and Energy

LVNet High Speed Internet

Community Affairs and Public Relations (2019)
Government Affairs (2013-2018) ​
Business Development, Marketing, and Content.

November 2013 to the Present​

Proven leader who skillfully bridges the political spectrum. ​

Deep inside understanding of the local, state, and federal government. ​

Identify business opportunities with government and corporate leaders in Nevada and California.​

Establish networks of political and state agency contacts including founding Nevada Business Forum​

Develops and leverages significant relationships with city council members and other city staff, counterparts and other regional entities from Reno to Las Vegas, Nye County to Clark County.

Monitors, interprets, and recommends responses to federal and state legislation initiatives to support representation at City Hall Council Meetings with the Mayor and City Council, Commissioner Meetings in Clark County, Nye County, and member of the Asian Chamber of Commerce as well as meetings with former CIA officials, attorneys, and developers.

Monitor state and federal proposals, analyze impact, develop and execute strategy. ​

Remain aware of potential global implications of local issues and coordinate their management with global colleagues.​

Works with government leaders and corporate leaders as expert on issues involving government.

Develops and executes integrated statewide programs to serve all markets in Nevada​

Works closely with communications, marketing, and team to implement Wifi Internet in Nevada.

Nevada Business Forum, Founder

May 2017 to November 2018​

Nevada Business Forum is formerly known as the monthly Nevada Business Meeting in the center of Las Vegas on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street Experience where I brought government leaders and corporate leaders together to build businesses and develop Las Vegas, Nevada.

Skills​ used at LVNet

Strong writing ability and verbal communication skills​

Ability to interact effectively with a wide range of external audiences and corporate leadership.​

Viewed as a trusted adviser with a successful track record in building and maintaining strong relationships at all levels of corporate and government organizations.

Outstanding analytical and leadership skills with ability to think strategically and achieve results.​

Ability to work in a fast paced environment with strict deadlines.​

Outstanding interpersonal skills, creative motivator, and approachable personality.​

Ability to manage relationships with skill, tact, and diplomacy.

Thomas Chee, Books and CD Audio Books on Energy and Petroleum Oil Published and Written by Thomas Chee


OILUSA was owned and founded by Thomas Chee to teach the government about energy and petroleum oil based on Thomas Chee’s experiences including the Persian Gulf, interviews with Kuwaitis, and attacks at the World Trade Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, Istanbul, Turkey, and the War in Yugoslavia, especially stories based on experiences with refugees at the Bulgarian Turkish border crossing.

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