My mother taught me how to bowl at a bowling alley. She taught me how to sail a tiny sail boat named a flower pot. After I got fast enough to tie knots, sail, and manage the flower pot sail boat, she advanced me to a laser. My mother was the best shot in her family with a rifle, gun, any weapon that held ammo. She taught me how to shoot a gun. She helped make my brother the best Math student in high school. My mother typed my handwritten stories on to white pages of paper so that I could enter contests for my writing. I won awards. The awards motivated me. The merit encouraged me to write more. My mother taught me how to fish in streams and rivers up north in the mountains that now burn in the Sonoma County fires. My son is up in Northern California. My mother teaches him Math, Science, and Reading so that he is the best student he can possibly be. My son doesn’t leave the house without my mother having read every book that he is given as a homework assignment. In our family, we are over achievers. We never wait for anything. We act. We do it. We never wait. We write. We study Mathematics. We go over our spelling words before spelling tests when we come home from school, before we close our eyes to go to bed at night, and first thing in the early morning hours before heading off to school. We ace our spelling tests. We are the best spellers, because spelling has to do with conversations, vocabulary, and we need to spell to win awards with our writing.
Thank you, Mom.

Thomas Chee

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