Pliny the Elder Beer at Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa

Pliny the Elder Santa Rosa Russian River Brewing Company

Pliny the Elder at the Russian River Brewing Company in Santa Rosa, California
The corporate leaders I met with in Las Vegas, Nevada told me about the importance of the beer that is brewed at the Russian River Brewing Company. I don’t drink beer, so I didn’t know the Pliny the Elder bottles were so important. The men I met at meetings found out that I lived in Santa Rosa, California. They drove alone and in groups to stand in line for the beer on Fourth Street. These guys made a big deal out of importing the beer by buying the beer and driving the beer back to Las Vegas. My girlfriend from Missouri visited Santa Rosa in 2018 and there was a line down Fourth Street when I took her out to breakfast. We asked people about the line and why they were in line. The crowds told us that they were waiting for the presentation of the beer Pliny the Elder, but the people in Las Vegas really embraced the importance of the brewery event. The anniversary of Pliny the Elder reminds me of the importance of the Emerald Cup to crowds in Las Vegas and LA to the December Cup at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds. Sonoma County Wine Country has beer, special brews, the world’s best wine, lumber, cannabis, parks, restaurants, I had to step outside of Santa Rosa to hear how great Santa Rosa was from people in Nevada, Missouri, and Southern California like Poway, San Diego, where I met couples that celebrated their wedding anniversary in Santa Rosa. They loved Sonoma and asked me, “Why are you living in Poway, San Diego, when you have a house in Sonoma County?” The couple in San Diego helped me appreciate Santa Rosa more than I did before living in Southern California.
Restaurant Review
My friends in Missouri and Las Vegas, Nevada visit Sonoma County Wine Country just to go to the Russian River Brewing Company. The brewery is epic. It attracts people to Santa Rosa from across the nation.
Thomas Chee

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